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ASL have teams of professionals working across multiple clients, who need to collaborate and share information. Often, one director can be working on a number of projects and with different loss adjusters on each project. Collaboration and sharing of emails and documents was beginning to become difficult.

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As a law firm, CMS RPA sends and receives thousands of emails each day with their clients and colleagues around the world. Email is a critical business process and, therefore, its management is a high priority for the firm’s IT team. Over the years, the firm has accumulated gigabytes of email and associated attachments every day with the volume doubling every year.

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Jerram Falkus

Email has become the de facto means of communication between all parties involved in construction projects. Documents and drawings are shared by email. Requirements, instructions and change requests are delivered by email. Discussions are conducted by email and decisions recorded in them.

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Lewis Silkin work with a range of businesses from global organisations through to cutting edge start-ups and manage their legal needs through the full life-cycle of the business from start-up to full market listing.  Lawyers were struggling with the sheer volume of emails in their inbox each day and attempts to ensure that they were filed in the right place in real time were proving ineffective.

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