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Different to a proprietary collaboration tool

Collaboration tools are in fashion. Collaboration vendors suggest that email is dead and organisations are using collaboration platforms to communicate internally and to share information with their clients or outsourced staff or project teams. But is this really the case?

The volume of business email sent year on year is increasing massively and yes organisations are implementing collaboration tools and users are using them… but only in specific use cases for sharing or collaborating sparingly. Very few organisations can survive by communicating internally or externally via a proprietary web-based collaboration tool. It just does not work. The vast majority of companies communicate by email and most use outlook.

To use a collaboration platform you need to work in it, to log into it, to push content to and from it. And where does that content come from but email and documents? Knowledgemill allows you to stay in Outlook but collaborate with the world. Why leave and be forced to push or share through a different technology when the same result can be achieved without any of this extra hassle?

By using Knowledegemill for collaboration:

In Outlook

Accessible in the primary interface that you know and like.

At your fingertips

You do not have to force them into a collaboration tool and then come out of that tool to get back into email which is how most organisations communicate with the outside world.

Up to date

Real time and provides a single source of truth for a document or a specific version.

Totally secure

User rights and permissions can be set to ensure the right people see the right content ant the right time.

Efficient and productive

You are not spending your time jumping from one system to another and all the companies content is in one place and you can work with it efficiently and effectively.

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